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Geddy Lee

Day of the Bassists today. Had a bloke on who I actually thought was Leland Sklar and, more bizarrely, a little old lady who resembled Rush’s Geddy Lee circa ‘Fly By Night’.

Wheel Cock

This was scrawled on the steering wheel of my bus today. Gotta love a schoolbook-style drawing of cock, and kudos for the trademark hog’s eye and erique drops.

Penis bus wheel

Cowardly Lion

The spitting image of the Cowardly Lion got on: he was rude. I also had to wait while a Japanese tourist took a snap of Walcot Church from the middle of the road; and, best of all, a little old lady said ‘arse’.

Frosty Jack

Guy got on with a truly regal Sunday tea: a Co-Op sunblush tomato and mozzarella pizza and six litres of Frosty Jack. Crivens.