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Little Old Lady: Into town, please
Me: Sure
LOL: How are you? Behaving yourself?
Me: Yeah, just about
LOL: You can’t be having much fun, then
Me: Sigh



A conversation I had today

Little old lady: Ooh, you look hot!
Me: Thanks very much
LoL: Well, you do
Me: It’s these polyester trousers, the air con in the cab is like having a rugby scrum blowing their hot breath on me, I need a wee like a Grand National runner, I don’t finish for another three hours, and I hate you and everything you stand for
LoL: Pardon?
Me: Take a seat: were off in a minute
LoL: Ooh, lovely. You do look hot


Two little old ladies having a deep discussion concerning the merits of various denture adhesives made I lol, as did the Doppelgänger of Meg Griffin who got on, complete with purple beanie.

Fart Blanche

Slightly misjudged a presumed Fart Blanche situation. Luckily, a gaggle of Spanish teenagers got on and deflected any ‘who denied it supplied it’ protestations from yours truly. OlĂ©!