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As a little old lady got off the 4 on Grand Parade, she handed me two somewhat misshapen and disconcertingly warm Snickers bars, whereupon the following conversation took place

To whit:

Little Old Lady: Ooh, drive, someone’s left your lunch on the seat
Me: (Somewhat reluctantly) Er…thanks
LOL: (Jerking a thumb towards her husband) Oh, it’s OK; he only sat on them for a minute or two
Little Old Husband: (Sheepishly) I didn’t know what I was sitting on
Me: I’ll gobble them right up


As a tribute to the Thin White Duke, today’s Metro had the classic shot of Ziggy Stardust on its front page, precipitating the following conversation between to little old ladies on the 5

To whit:

LOL#1: I see David Bowie’s popped his clogs, then
LOL#2: Who?
Me: Aaaargh!


Oldish guy gets on the 1, and greets a neighbour of his who happens to be Spanish

OG: Oh, hello Mercedes. I thought you’d drive.

Tickled me, is all