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A road closure in Odd Down has led to the 14 being diverted and, despite all sorts of notices informing people of the fact having being stuck up all over the place for over a week, most passengers aren’t aware of the change of route

As we trundle up Wellsway, the clucking from the silver-haired manifest increases in volume until one of them decides to totter up to the cab to enquire of our destination

She’s a little unsteady, is, of course, wearing a purple hat and, even better, has an accent akin to that of Lili Von Shtupp from Blazing Saddles

To whit:

LVS: I sink you haff gone ze wronk vay, darlink
Me: Nein. Frome Road is closed so we’re diverted up here for the rest of the week
LVS: Ach, I am zo zorry, darlink
Me: It’s perfectly fine, zveetie

Wake Up

A somewhat morbid exchange between two little old ladies on the 4

To whit:

Little Old Lady #1: Ooh, hello Maureen. Keeping well?
LOL #2: Well, I’m still waking up every morning. That’s the main thing
LOL #1: Yes. That’s the main thing