Belter from the 6, otherwise known as Charon’s Ferry. It’s quite full, and I am easily the youngest on board.

All of a sudden there’s something of a commotion towards the back.

To whit:

Little Old Lady #1: Oooh! OOOH!!
Me: (concerned) What’s happened?
LOL #2: She’s dropped her cakes
Me: Er…what?
All: She’s dropped her cakes!
Me: Well, I need the loo too…
LOL #3: No, she’s dropped her cakes. Look!
LOL #1: (sheepishly, to me) I’ve dropped my cakes
Me: Oh, have you dropped your cakes?
LOL#1: I’ve dropped my cakes
Me: Rueidge

She’d actually brought a tray of at least 30 nice-looking sponge cakes on to the bus and dropped the lot. The incident was the talk of the remainder of the journey.